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Prime Appliance Services – Repairing All Your Appliances, Modern life is full of convenient appliances designed to make your life easier. You’ll find that sometimes these appliances break down or don’t work in the way they should. Prime Appliance Services will get your appliances back in working order to save you both time and money.

Microwave Repair​

Our microwave repair service will get your microwave working again when it has stopped working. Whether it won’t switch on, doesn’t heat food like it used to, or stops part-way through the process, we can help.

We provide a cost-effective solution for all your microwave problems, providing microwave repair when you need it most.

Book Your Microwave Repair Now

Our team of microwave repair technicians is ready and waiting to visit you to repair your microwave. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment, and we’ll be there to diagnose and fix the problem.

Make use of our microwave repair service by contacting us today.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

When your garbage disposal unit isn’t working, you need it repairing quickly. It isn’t always easy – or cheap – to have it replaced, so our cost-effective garbage disposal repair service is just what you need.

If your garbage disposal is jammed, making odd noises, or won’t work at all, we can repair it. We’ll only replace parts where necessary, and you can be sure you’ll be back in working order quickly.

Garbage Disposal Repair When You Need It

Our team is trained and skilled in problem-solving and garbage disposal repair. We’ll always put your needs first and fix your problem quickly.

Contact us today for a full diagnosis and a complete garbage disposal repair service.

Repair or Replace?

If an appliance stops working, you’ll have to face the decision on repairing or replacing it. Replacing it is, in theory, easy. One appliance out, one in, and you’re up and running again.

However, the cost of a replacement appliance may make this prohibitive. Worse, the environmental impact of disposing of a broken appliance can be damaging. Above all, the amount of time you may need to spend trying to find an appliance to meet your needs may be too long.

Repairing an appliance is more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and you don’t need to find out everything about a new appliance.

How Can I Get My Appliance Repaired?

It’s simple – just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you! We work with all major types of appliances including washers, driers, oven, refrigerators, and microwaves. We can even fix your garbage disposal unit.

There will be occasions where your appliance is beyond repair, and we’ll be sure to let you know if that’s the case. However, in most cases, we’ll be able to repair your appliance and restore it to full working order.

Appliance Repair

Affordable Appliance Services

You can be certain that we offer competitive prices and will beat the cost of replacing your appliance. Our team members are fully trained and work to high safety standards. This ensures a great service for you and gives us the best chance of repairing your appliance effectively.

Call 972-833-2583 or email [email protected] to arrange a repair for your appliance today.

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